Friday, April 24, 2015

Paintin’ the Roses Red

Hey both all of you readers of my blog! Sorry it’s been a few weeks, I was caught between a whirlwind of bronchitis, a new job, and a backyard project that is gonna take a few weeks! But I’ve got to catch up on a few other projects we did before I can write about that!

 My wife has quickly become the brains of this backyard operation. My job is purely to provide resources and get them to the backyard so she can then decide how to lay everything out. Think of me as the hunter-gatherer, driving around and grunting a lot, and she’s the …..uh... beautiful foreign envoy who came and tried to teach a better way of life. However, for this project there was some role reversal. I was sitting on the couch watching The Voice something manly, and she grabbed my arm and said “JEFF! I think I just got my first ‘Free Craigslist’!” One of her close friends had just posted on Facebook that they wanted to get rid of their rose bushes, and within 3 minutes my wife had replied “we’ll take them!!” So yeah, not technically ‘Free Craigslist’, but I didn’t have the energy to start a separate blog called “My wife is awesome and gets stuff on Facebook for free”. So, we’ll double dip.

 This pick-up has been the least creepy by far, since they are an awesome family. Thank goodness too, because usually it’s super awkward pulling up to a random person’s house. However, although I thought I was there to dig up a couple of bushes, my wife neglected to mention that there were FOURTEEN. This was great, but had I known that I might’ve packed a lunch (and maybe a sleeping bag for a quick nap). Digging them up was pretty straightforward, but I wish I had planned better on how to carry them to my truck. By the end of the trip I looked like I’d tried to hug an uncooperative porcupine. I got the bushes home and already had my pre-made flower boxes ready to go, made entirely out of wood from my Dad’s old carport (rusty nails and flakey paint included).   The real question is, did I just make myself the best husband in the world because I have a built-in supply of (I love you/I’m sorry/Happy important day) flowers, or totally hose myself because now if I ever buy flowers she’ll be like “uh, why would I want those when I have FOURTEEEN BUSHES of them in the backyard?” Only time will tell.


  1. The backyard is looking great! However, the second to last photo has my eyes wiggin' out. The trees lean one way, fence slats the other, the ground is straight......dizzy. Feeling very dizzy. The rose bushes are lovely- Kudos to your brilliant wife.

  2. My husband says that you need to get a job as a journalist!