Friday, February 27, 2015

Buckets, Bruises, and Brazilians

Weekends are the worst. There. I said it. Don't get me wrong - working outside doing projects with our wannabe-lion Chihuahua and the babe, Tarzana, is incredible. But the mere fact that EVERYONE has the day off means that anything posted on Craigslist is attacked like a Big Mac swaddled in Bacon and tossed into a Sarlacc pit (and for those non-Star Wars nerds, please pretend I said "piranha". Don't judge me).

So there I was, staring aimlessly at our new lawn while 'weeding' the yard (aka avoiding other chores). I decided to check Craigslist, you know, just in case. I muttered the ever important refrain "don't get attached" before starting to peruse the list.  And there it was. "White Landscaping Rocks", posted 22 mins ago. I took a deep breath (don't get attached), and replied. A short 37 mins later (I only checked my email 14 times in between) I got a response "Come and get it! Others interested!"  I grabbed my keys, told the pup to keep an eye on the babe, and shot out the door. Since my bro was still using the trailer as an oversized-trash can, it would be up to me and the trusty buckets again.

Upon arriving at the new house, I found an awesome guy who looked like he could be a new best friend, talking nothing but soccer, college football, and Harry Potter other manly things. He grabbed a bucket and helped me start to load the new landscaping rocks. He and his wife had decided to get rid of it and purchase all new landscape rocks (how unadventurous). His wife then joined us. I quickly noticed an accent and asked where she was from. She responded "Brazil". I smiled and replied "Você é Brasileira?" ("You're Brazilian?" in Portuguese). She laughed and we proceeded to speak Portuguese for about 30 seconds before her husband finally had a light switch flip and said "Whoa - you speak Portuguese???" Apparently he didn't. But their relationship
at least explained the interest in soccer.

After 2 short trips filling up the back of my truck beyond safe levels (and sustaining several bruises from smacking buckets against the side of the truck to separate them), the acquisition was complete.

The Rocks
Before: Front Entry Way

 Now if we can just get some plants that don't mind being watered every year or so...
Maybe a path next to the grass..

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