Saturday, February 21, 2015


From Day 1 I've been looking for flagstone rocks to make a pathway of awesomeness. However, since posts for Flagstone disappear faster than my prom date in High School, I'd all but given up.  One morning, as I signed in to work, I randomly checked Free Craigslist and my jaw dropped. "Free Slate Rock - 3 yards". After hitting reply 7 times, my computer decided it could ignore me no longer and complied. With my email shot off, I sat back to soak in the day. Almost instantly I got a reply that said "I've got 8 other people interested. When can you be here?" I quickly replied "I'll be there at lunch!" and with that, secured the deal.  Then a thought crossed my mind - "What the heck is SLATE?" I suddenly realized that what I was inquiring after was not my Dream Weaver known as flagstone.  Luckily, a quick Google search showed me my latest conquest was still actually pretty cool. It wasn't the "Apple" of landscaping rocks - but maybe a solid "Kindle Fire". Different, but good. And 3 yards of it? That's like a never ending supply. Woot.

When I arrived at the site, I was happy to discover a MASSIVE pile of slate rocks in front of this beautiful home.  There's nothing better than leftovers from a family who's decided they're bored with their current yard. I busted out my shovel and started at it. However, after about 15 minutes I noticed an interested development. As I skimmed the top layer off the entire pile, underneath I found what can only be called blackish sand (technical term).  I probed and probed and quickly realized I had been hoodwinked. After allowing my slate dreams to shatter like the Death Star in Episode IV, I took my bucket and headed for home. I found the perfect location (and only place small enough to house my new slate rock), laid it out, and called it good.

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