Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Beginning

Landscaping is hard work, requiring lots of time, energy, skill, and money.  I have none of those. So, fueled by Mountain Dew, Hot Cheetos and a project light, join me in my adventures to re-do our backyard almost entirely off of Free Craiglist!

Here's the story - My wife and I bought our starter home 5 years ago - a foreclosed home in the Greater Sacramento area. We spent those first five years slowly fixin' up the inside of the house just to make it livable. Mid-journey, my wife decided to have this miniature version of herself join our family. The babe is now 2, and needs no caffeine to be faster than a rampaging rhino on the African plains.  She has recently decided that life is best worth living outdoors.  Unfortunately for us, our 'yard' is a 1/3 of an acre of wild terrain that provides rocks, dirt, and rusty nails as playmates. How the heck are we gonna re-vamp our yard on a budget of $0? Not possible, right?

Challenge Accepted.

I now live on Free Craigslist, fighting the hoards for anything remotely related to landscaping materials, trusting in my Tacoma and a beat-up trailer to get to the locations 5 mins before the next guy and be gone with little-to-no interaction with the lister. After a month of this, I've decided this is ridiculously awesome, and want to share this journey with the world.

Quick disclaimer - I stink at landscaping.  If you're on this site to get great "Pinterest-y" ideas on how to make your yard sparkle like a fresh jewel on top of Queen Elizabeth's crown, just hit the 'back' button and run. However, if you'd like to laugh along with me as I show you our many failures (and some successes), sit down, grab a MD, and enjoy the ride.

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