Tuesday, February 17, 2015

River Rocks - The Gemstone of Free Craigslist

If you ever want to get rid of ANYTHING on Free Craigslist, just put the words "River Rocks" in the title.  Seriously.  It can be two river rocks and a pile of chewed-up Tauntaun toys, and you'll have 50 people at your door before lunch.

My backyard adventures started there. Anytime I saw the word "river", or "rock", I'd click and reply 'On my way'!  9 times out of 10 I was too late, and the one time I wasn't, they ended up living just around the corner from Middle Earth.  But, alas, after about 30 tries, I FINALLY scored some river rocks. I feel like I was picked for The Price is Right.

Oh. My. Gosh. That is by far the worst job ever, especially when you don't have a trailer. I've been a janitor at a hospital, literally lugging around body parts - this was worse. And since my brother, Davey, had conveniently borrowed the trailer, I was stuck using just my truck. Wheelbarrows and trucks don't go together. At all. This meant I was filling bucket after bucket by hand.  By the end, I was pretty sure I'd rather just take plain old 'normal' rocks and sit and sand them down if that meant I never had to see another bucket. Stupid River Rocks. Why do you have to be so awesome.

Got home, unloaded a pile of rocks, and looked at my yard and laughed.  Only 457 more trips to go.

Before Pic
Project in Progress - Totally leveraged the wife and the babe for this one!

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