Monday, February 23, 2015

Sod - There and Back Again

It was Tuesday morning. 9:37 AM. I had just decided to accept that this was going a fruitless week (sorry, work), when I decided to jump on Craigslist. All of a sudden there was a light beam bursting forth from the computer screen, with a peaceful angelic hum surrounded my soul: "Sod - Come and get it". The poster had provided both an email and a phone to text.  I usually don't like to text Craigslisters- I've created a Hotmail account for all Craigslist interaction (for scam purposes), but haven't risen to the level of awesomeness that is the additional phone number. But, for sod, totally worth the potential scammers texting me to get $20 sunglasses every day.  I shot off my hasty text and instantly got a reply - "Come and get it tonight - but did you read the whole post?"  Of course I didn't. It said "Sod". I said "Okay". How complex could it get? I scanned the remainder of the post: "200 sq feet of sod. Must take pile of dirt and debris as well." I pondered for .207 seconds and replied "Yep! Sounds great." I quickly reached out to my brother, who was borrowing the trailer and the time, and discovered it was currently full of trash. For some reason he wasn't interested in leaving work and taking it to the dump. So, just the Truck. No Prob.

That evening I headed downtown to track down my new sod, feeling like I was finally going to reunite the long-lost twin of my other recent adoption (see Sod part 1: "The Holy Grail"). I pulled up to the house and saw a MOUND of dirt, and a haggard, dried up pallet of Sod. The poster met me outside, took 1 look at my truck, and said "Good luck" and walked inside.

Bring it on.

I shoveled that whole dump pile, filling the back of my truck with a load of dirt, and finally looked over at the sod. I slowly covered the dirt mountain with roll after roll of dry sod, and finally tied the whole thing down. My truck looked like I was hauling an oversized Volcano science project, ready to burst at any moment. As I got in my truck to drive off, the guy walked out with three giant trash bags. "I don't know where you're going to fit this, but it's the debris". With a sly smile, he dropped them at my feet and walked off. I looked around, sighed, and threw them in the cab of my truck.

After another late night, we were pretty happy with the result!

Before Pic 

 1st half
 Finally complete!


  1. I LOVE this Jeff! Its looks amazing! I am on Craigslist looking for free stuff all the time. You have been way more successful:)

  2. Thanks!! Well, I wouldn't always call it 'successful', but it's been fun!

  3. So funny, love it!!! Jason is jealous;)