Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Holy Grail

There are easy things to get on Craigslist (couches, dirt, scams) and there are hard things (bricks, river rocks, a life-sized Legolas Cardboard cut-out).  There are still a few items I want that I haven't been successful at getting yet (a waterfall-pond), but the hardest thing I've actually gotten was SOD.  SOD. Seriously. Grass.  Now everytime I drive by a park I think "man, I could totally come here at night with a shovel and score some grass.  WHO THINKS THAT WAY? People on a $0 budget, that's who. You're welcome.

It was a cold, winter night. I'd just put the babe to bed, and the wife was just turning on a re-run of "The Amazing Race".  Just for fun, I checked Free Craigslist and saw it. SOD. Posted 5 mins ago.  I clicked and responded like a madman "ILL Take iT!!!". Within 10 mins they wrote back with their address - I'm not sure if I'm more proud that I had the quickest draw, or more concerned looking back that the poster wasn't sufficiently creeped out by my 10:37 PM response to just say "Uh, no".  So, at 11 PM I headed to Sacramento and loaded my truck with heavy, soggy sod.  The house was dark and they had requested to not be disturbed, so I worked in silence, leaving muddy footprints as I heaved more and more rolls into my Tacoma. On the way home, I called my bro for advice on laying sod. After about 2 mins of trying to explain best methods, he gave up and decided to just come over, as long as I promised to supply the Dr. Pepper 10. As that is my #2 drink of choice, I agreed.

After about an hour of hard labor, it was complete - we had a "lawn"  *cough*. Well, half a lawn. Just enough to look thoroughly unfinished.

Rocks and Lawn

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